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Cosmetic Dentistry: Dentures

At Parkcrest Dental Group, we believe in the importance of cosmetic dentistry, and we know that dentures should mimic natural teeth as much as possible. We offer custom, well-made dentures, and this process does not happen in one day. It happens with care and craftsmanship, along with a good doctor-patient relationship.

Dentures Are Not a One Size Fits All

Cosmetic Dentistry Solution

Dentures are a cosmetic dentistry option for replacing teeth lost due to disease, trauma, or other pathology. Dentures replace all missing teeth, and partial dentures work where some natural teeth can be saved. The type of denture you need depends on your teeth, your gums, and your overall oral health.

Whatever the Reason

For Dentures We Are Here To Help

The doctors of Parkcrest Dental Group have extensive training in cosmetic dentistry and can solve your denture problems. Do you have stability problems with your dentures? We can use implants that support dentures. Implant-supported dentures work well if your jaw is still strong. Dentures stabilize by attaching to implants. Though more stable than traditional dentures, implant-supported dentures are easily removed and cleaned. This helps you conveniently enjoy the foods and lifestyle you deserve.

Immediate dentures are placed at the time your remaining teeth are removed, so there is never a time when you appear without teeth. Don’t spend an extended period of time recovering without teeth. Immediate dentures are a form of cosmetic dentistry that provides aesthetic and cosmetic assurance from day one. Your Parkcrest Dental Group dentist in Springfield, MO will take impressions with your teeth still in place. Before extracting any teeth, your dentist will create your denture. This way your denture is ready for you the second your teeth are extracted.

Implant Dentures / Mini Implant Dentures

Whether mini or “traditional,” implants offer life changing stability and retention for almost every denture wearer. If there are foods or activities you avoid due to poorly fitting dentures, Parkcrest Dental Group can help. We provide all manner of implant services, including denture replacement and repair, for our denture patients.

Life is too short, full of too many delicious foods, and too full of opportunities to share your smile. Let your dentist help you enjoy your life even more. Enjoy your favorite foods again, and regain the confidence only a full smile can bring. Let the diligent dentists at Parkcrest Dental Group know if you are considering dentures, and we will do all we can for you.

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