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Invisalign for Teens at Parkcrest Dental Group

Get Invisalign for Your Teen from Parkcrest Dental Group

Everyone wants straight teeth and everyone always has. Archeologists have unearthed mummies with dental gear and found manuscripts that talk about teeth straightening methods. These days, there are two main approaches to teeth straightening: braces and Invisalign. If your teen wishes to have straight teeth, which will you choose? At Parkcrest Dental Group, our orthodontist in Springfield, MO, offers both braces and Invisalign, but we think Invisalign tends to offer a better choice to teens. Let the Parkcrest Dental Group team tell you why.

Less Pain

If your teen plays any sports, then braces can become a serious nuisance. If a ball or another player hits your teenager in the mouth, it can send them to the orthodontist for new brackets or new wires. Not to mention, this can cause them severe pain. When you choose Invisalign with Parkcrest Dental Group, you choose to allow your teen to play sports without fear of damaging expensive orthodontic equipment and without fear of hurting themselves. Traditional braces don’t only hurt more during collisions; they also make your teeth and gums more sore after each round of tightening.

Less Visible

Being a teenager is difficult work. Aside from teenagers themselves, no one knows that better than you, their parents. Braces are the one thing that can bring down your teenager’s self-esteem even more than crooked teeth. Other kids can be pretty harsh and braces call attention to themselves in ways Invisalign doesn’t. Your child will feel more confident in himself or herself while wearing Invisalign.

Better Hygiene

Braces present an obstacle for your teen to brush and floss around. When you choose Invisalign from Parkcrest Dental Group for your teenager, you give them the opportunity to not only eat anything they want but also brush and floss their teeth effectively. The can take off their trays for a few minutes to perform their oral hygiene routine, and this helps them clean every surface of their teeth.

Teaches Discipline

Though some may consider it a drawback to Invisalign, the self-discipline needed to keep up with them is a great learning tool for all teenagers. They must keep their aligners in for 22 hours a day. Your child might surprise you. Many teens find it easy enough to keep their aligners in all day aside from the time it takes them to eat and brush their teeth.

Parkcrest Dental Group Offers Invisalign

If you decide Invisalign for your teen, then you will want an experienced, friendly, and local orthodontist to take care of them. Luckily Parkcrest Dental Group has just the orthodontist in Springfield, MO. Contact us today to get your teen started on their journey toward a new beautiful smile.

Help Your Teen Smile Again with Invisalign from Parkcrest Dental Group