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Tooth Extractions

At Parkcrest Dental Group

While keeping your natural teeth is ideal, there are certain times that removing a tooth becomes the only treatment option. One of the most common forms of general dentistry, there are many different circumstances that may make tooth extraction at Parkcrest Dental Group necessary:  stubborn baby teeth not wanting to come out, a naturally occurring defect, wisdom teeth removal due to pain, teeth that must come out to further orthodontic case progress, decay, or dental damage.

Your dentists at Parkcrest Dental Group can give you the best options to replace any teeth that are extracted and work with you to find a restoration option that is best for you. Our experts have years of experience in general dentistry and can help you stay comfortable and relaxed while you get the best treatment.

Once it has been decided that an extraction is needed, our team at Parkcrest Dental Group will schedule an appropriate time for you to have the work done. We can work with you to make sure your surgery is completed at a convenient time, and that you have the support you need in your recovery.

Your Comfort

Is Important To Us

Anesthesia is an important part of keeping each patient comfortable through the extraction process, and we want to make sure that your surgery is as painless as possible. If you are a patient at Parkcrest Dental Group that requires sedation, the different options will be discussed with you prior to the procedure.

If you do require sedation or any other kind of anesthetic in general dentistry, remember to take this into account when planning your visit. Numbing agents can result in difficulty eating for a few hours afterward, and can also carry the risk of accidentally biting your cheek or tongue and not feeling it.

Your General

Dentistry Recovery Process

After your extraction is done, your dentist will pack the site with clean gauze (which can be changed periodically) to help with any bleeding that may occur. Part of the healing process involves the forming of a blood clot and there are certain activities that should be avoided immediately after extractions to ensure that this is not disturbed. This includes things like drinking through a straw, strenuous physical activity, or cleaning the extraction site (for the remainder of the day). It is also important to note that teeth that are missing can allow neighboring teeth to shift and potentially detract from functionality.

After your extraction, our team at Parkcrest Dental Group can discuss the best restorative options with you to replace the missing tooth and help create a plan of action. With our professional help in general dentistry, you can keep your smile at its best! If you are looking for a dentist in Springfield, MO, contact Parkcrest Dental Group today!

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