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Gravity Fillings

At Parkcrest Dental Group

At Parkcrest Dental Group, we have a team of professional dentists with extensive experience in general dentistry who can provide cavity fillings. Composite fillings (also known as resin or tooth colored fillings) are a great restorative option to provide durability for restoring teeth that have become damaged from decay and need to be to be able to stand up to the daily pressure of biting and chewing.

If you are suffering from a toothache, you may very well have advanced cavities. Even if you are experiencing no symptoms, you may have cavities developing that you are not aware of.

How Cavities Are Caused

One of the most common and effective treatments for cavities in general dentistry are fillings. These cavity fillings are typically used for both front and back teeth and make a good option for anyone who wants their fillings to look like natural teeth. If the Parkcrest Dental team determines that you need fillings, they will remove the decayed material by drilling the tooth after administering a numbing anesthetic, then fill the space created with the filling material.

Your dentist at Parkcrest Dental Group will consult with you about the various options available for repairing the damage resulting from cavities. Fillings come in different types – amalgam or composite – and can be colored to match your teeth so as not to stand out.

If you have different restorative options in mind, like dental veneers, our professional team can also discuss these with you. In any treatment, general dentistry or otherwise, it’s common for people to experience significant anxiety. Parkcrest Dental can also address any concerns or possible discomforts you might have with the procedure, and how to handle them together.

Fillings & General Dentistry

At Parkcrest Dental Group

At Parkcrest Dental Group, your comfort, the standard of your treatment and ultimately, your smile, are extremely important to us. We want every procedure in general dentistry and more complex treatments to be as quick, easy and painless as possible. If you need cavity fillings or any other treatment, let us know today.

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