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Couple with Child - Dr. Steven Harrison at Parkcrest Dental Group

Two-Phase Treatment with Dr. Steven Harrison

Some people may benefit from two-phase orthodontic treatment which is a form of orthodontic dentistry combining changing facial features for functionality and aesthetics through a surgical process as well as aligning teeth. Dr. Steven Harrison may recommend two phases of orthodontics to help you obtain beautifully functional and aesthetically pleasing results designed to give a beautiful smile to last a lifetime!

Orthodontic Dentistry: Phase One

Jaw development is crucial to helping teeth develop correctly, ensuring that both upper and lower jaws fit together for increased functionality. Many children show early signs of jaw issues that may be treated early for orthodontic dentistry. Such jaw issues may begin to show themselves as early as 6-8 years of age, and Dr. Steven Harrison will be the best person to consult with you about the treatment options available.

By starting orthodontic dentistry early you may be able to give your child a better smile throughout their teen and adult years.

Orthodontic records: Your child is unique, which is why records are necessary in order to decide which orthodontic dentistry treatment might be right for them.

Dr. Steven Harrison will take comprehensive records of your child’s teeth to enable him to determine if early treatment may be needed, and to give you the best possible idea about how long full treatment may take. Models will be made of the full set of your child’s teeth, along with x-rays and photographs of facial structures.

Resting Period

During this state, teeth that have been left to erupt on their own will be given time to come in. The initial first phase of orthodontic dentistry will have already established a pattern to allow room for the proper teeth to come in as needed so that full orthodontic treatment may begin.

Monitoring Period

While progress will have been made towards a beautiful smile, phase one of orthodontic care will not align teeth into their final position, making it necessary for you to bring your child in for appointments on a regular six month or so basis. These visits will help Dr. Steven Harrison monitor progress of dentition.

Orthodontic Dentistry: Phase Two

During phase two, Dr. Steven Harrison will determine a schedule of visits by which he can ensure that teeth find their proper place of alignment to enhance overall biting, chewing, speaking and aesthetic functions. Full upper and lower braces are placed during this second phase of orthodontic dentistry, which is typically about 24 months long. Phase Two will end with a retainer being made once teeth are fully positioned into place. This will help ensure that teeth stay in position to be enjoyed for years of beautiful smiles!

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