Healthy Teeth & Gums:

Preventing Problems Before They Start

Having healthy teeth and gums is an incredibly important aspect of overall body health! While everyday routine care (such as brushing and flossing at home) is necessary to keep your smile looking great, visiting your trusted dental team at Parkcrest Dental Group for regular examinations and professional cleanings is a crucial part of good dental care. After your dentist determines your specific needs, they will make recommendations for a schedule of continued care.

While many patients are seen every six months, some patients require more frequent preventative visits. Your Parkcrest dentist will make recommendations based on your examination and tailor a specifically designed treatment plan to give you the healthiest smile! Schedule to make your routine appointment today at Parkcrest Dental Group!

As an added benefit of routine visits with your dentist you can have peace of mind that you are staying on track with your dental care. Exams and cleanings may also help you realize potential cost savings by helping you avoid a dental emergency or more extensive dental procedures that are often associated with broken teeth, poor oral health, or gum disease that is left untreated. We strive to help you maintain healthy teeth and gums so that your smile can sparkle for a lifetime.

Dental Exams

At Parkcrest Dental Group

During the examination your dentist at Parkcrest Dental Group will thoroughly examine all of your teeth and gums for signs of tooth decay, gum disease, and other health issues. Your dentist may also order X-rays in order to properly detect any underlying issues that may not be visible without such diagnostics.

X-rays are required so that your dentist can make a proper diagnosis and provide you with the most comprehensive and highest quality care possible. Your dentist at Parkcrest Dental Group will discuss any findings with you, so that you will have the knowledge to take control of your dental health, and make a plan of action to keep on track for a healthy smile!

Dental Cleanings

At Parkcrest Dental Group

Our team at Parkcrest Dental Group will begin your cleaning by checking the visible surfaces of your teeth to determine if there are any existing cavities and to check the state of any current fillings or restorations you may have. A periodontal examination will also be done which will consist of making sure your gums are healthy and that no periodontal disease exists that could potentially lead to jawbone or tooth loss.

Your hygienist will carefully clean your teeth to remove any hard plaque and tartar. They will then polish your teeth and demonstrate proper flossing and brushing techniques. After your teeth are clean, they will often apply a professional strength fluoride treatment to make your teeth stronger.

Depending on your dental conditions, antibiotics or other specific periodontal treatment such as dental implants may be recommended to help you achieve great oral health. Your hygienist at Parkcrest Dental Group is happy to share with you specific instructions to help you achieve this goal. If periodontal disease is diagnosed, your dentist and dental hygienist will outline the best treatment options for you.

If you have anxiety or fear of common dental procedures, please ask about our sedation options. The mission of Parkcrest Dental Group is to provide optimal oral health to our patients.

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