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Parkcrest Dental Group’s Practice Philosophy

For over 40 years we have been committed to providing care with compassion by providing exceptional general dentistry and multi-specialty dental services for Springfield and the surrounding areas. Our vision is to provide excellence in patient satisfaction, while adhering to the highest standards by staying on the leading edge of dentistry. Dedication to the optimal oral health of all our patients is the mission Parkcrest Dental Group employees live by every day.

Our nine doctors, combined with over 50 support associates, are highly trained to provide you the quality care you deserve. Dr. W. Blake Keaster, Dr. Joseph C. Dills, Dr. Daniel S. Fannin, Dr. Jason P. Hall, Dr. Chanin S. Ropka., and Dr. Steve C. Sponenberg provide general and cosmetic dentistry services to our patients. Dr. Steven D. Harrison is our Board-Certified Orthodontist, and Dr. Stuart W. Scott is our Board-Certified Pediatric Dentist for children all the way from infant stages through their teens.

Because we love our patients at the Parkcrest Dental Group, we treat everyone like an individual, ensuring that your treatment is specifically designed to provide dentistry that is right for you.

Dedicated To

Service & Excellence

Our focus is truly understanding the value of quality dental care, combined with convenience for patients and their families. When you have questions about your treatment options, insurance benefits, or appointments please feel free to ask the experts at the Parkcrest Dental Group.

Unique Specialist Services

The Parkcrest Dental Group is unique because of our commitment to establishing a place where families can get most of their dental needs met without having to go to multiple providers, and are currently the only office in Springfield, MO providing general dentistry services while also specializing in dental implantspediatric dentistry services, sedation dentistry, and quality orthodontic dentistry all in one convenient location.

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With The Parkcrest Dental Group

To find out more about scheduling with one of our general dentists, pediatric specialist, or orthodontist, call us today at our Springfield, MO office. Our entire team at Parkcrest Dental Group wants to help take care of your family’s dental health and help you get the great smiles you have always wanted. We look forward to hearing from you!

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