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Early Orthodontic

Dentistry For Children

When it comes to orthodontics, most people probably only think older kids, teens and adults can receive treatment. On the contrary, children can be seen for orthodontic dentistry even as early as seven years old.

In some cases, children will benefit from early orthodontic treatment so they can get amazing permanent results. Such early orthodontic dentistry (often referred to as Phase One) can begin at about age 9. After initial early treatment, a second phase may begin around the age of 11. Often early treatment can correct bite issues and jaw alignment, as well as help permanent teeth erupt correctly.

Benefits Of

Early Orthodontic Treatment

As a parent, it’s natural to wonder about the benefits of early orthodontic treatment. There are several reasons you may want to start your child’s orthodontic treatment early.

• Dental issues can be addressed more easily. Early orthodontic dentistry takes place while the jaw is still growing. This means dentists have the opportunity to address issues like crowding, bite issues and jaw alignment with more ease. Treating these problems early on can help permanent teeth erupt correctly and eliminate the need for more complex treatment in the future.

• Future orthodontic treatment is less severe. Since your dentist will have the ability to treat any issues early on, your child’s second phase of orthodontic treatment will be much more simple and oftentimes, he or she will be in and out of braces in a much shorter period of time.

Does My Child Need

Early Orthodontic Dentistry?

There are a few signs that may qualify your child as a good candidate for early orthodontic dentistry. If your son or daughter exhibits any of the following signs, you may schedule a free consultation with Parkcrest Dental Group:

• Your child has difficulty chewing.
• Your child is a “mouth breather” (they breathe through their mouth rather than their nose).
• Your child has difficulty speaking properly.
• Your child’s teeth are crowded.
• Your child’s jaw incorrectly shifts when it is opened and closed.

Whether you’re unsure if your child would benefit from early orthodontic dentistry or you would like to get started right away, our board-certified orthodontist in Springfield, Mo will determine the appropriate treatment options based on your child’s individual needs.

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