Tooth Extractions And Your Child

Tooth Extractions And Your Child

If your child has teeth that need to be removed, you may be feeling nervous. What can you expect? In this blog, Dr. Scott and his team at Parkcrest Dental Group provide you with more information on why extractions are sometimes needed, and how they can help your child’s overall dental health.

What Are Tooth Extractions?

Tooth extraction refers to the removal of damaged teeth by a pediatric dentist or an oral surgeon. Tooth extraction for impacted teeth can involve the removal of additional gum and tissue that covers the teeth.

Are Tooth Extractions A Big Deal?

Extracting a tooth or a series of teeth can seem like a very big deal, but if an experienced pediatric dentist is the one extracting these troublesome teeth, you should not be too worried. Baby teeth that have grown in incorrectly may need to be extracted. These baby teeth could cause permanent teeth to come in incorrectly. It may not be required for these teeth to be extracted as they may fall out on their own; it will truly depend on what your child’s pediatric dentist determines is right for them.

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Why Tooth Extractions?

Trauma, disease, and injury can also be a reason why teeth might need to be extracted. Your pediatric dentist will try to do whatever they can to save your child’s teeth, but sometimes extractions are needed to regain dental health. As your child gets older, they may have to have their wisdom teeth extracted. Wisdom teeth that are impacted can cause severe issues and can impact the rest of the mouth. The best way to support your child during the tooth extraction process is to ensure that they are seen by a pediatric dentist who can provide them with the environment they need so that they are not agitated before and during the procedure.

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Contact Dr. Scott At Parkcrest Dental Group

Dr. Scott and his team at Parkcrest Dental Group have the experience to interact with your child positively. Dr. Scott will make the right call when it comes to your child’s dental health. Contact us today and make an appointment with the pediatric dental experts.

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