What are Qualities that Make a Dentist Great?

What are Qualities that Make a Dentist Great?

Attributes of a Great Dentist

What makes a dentist great? Sure, they need to know how to take care of your teeth, but what are some other qualities that you might look for in a dentist? In this blog, Parkcrest Dental Group offers you insight into the traits that make the difference between a “good” dentist and a “great” dentist!

What Makes A Dentist “Great?”

Below is a list of traits that every dentist should have if they want to provide great service and great dental care to their patients.

  • Patience- A dentist works with many people throughout the day, and they need to be able to have healthy and productive discussions and interactions with each of them. Dentists should always remember to listen carefully to questions and concerns from patients as well as the dental team.
  • Kindness- Being able to interact kindly with patients and the dental team is one of the attributes that make a dentist great. Sympathizing with a patient’s situation and working to create lasting treatment solutions is key to showing kindness!  
  • Knowledge- Dentistry is constantly evolving, so a dentist needs to remain educated and updated on advances in technology and techniques. Continued education can help a dentist broaden their knowledge base so they can provide the best service possible. A great dentist goes the extra mile to provide amazing cosmetic and restorative services
  • Communication Skills- If a patient is nervous about an exam, a great dentist makes sure that they understand the procedure and they are provided with a calm and comfortable environment. Being able to communicate difficult dental news is an important part of the job, and so a kind “bedside manner” is a great attribute.
  • Leadership Skills-  Dentist work as a part of an intricate dental team where each member has a specific role. Dentists are looked to not only for their knowledge but also for their strong leadership skills.

Are You Looking for a Great Dentist?

Every dentist that is a part of the Parkcrest Dental Group team is a “great” dentist. They possess qualities that make them not only great dentists but also great members of the community. Contact Parkcrest Dental Group today to schedule an appointment.

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