Dr. Scott Explains The Importance of Healthy Baby Teeth

Dr. Scott Explains The Importance of Healthy Baby Teeth

Dr. Scott: Why Is It Important To Take Care Of Baby Teeth?

Even though baby teeth eventually fall out, it’s still very important to practice good daily dental hygiene with your young children. Paying close attention to the health of your child’s baby teeth not only teaches them the importance of dental care, but it also ensures the overall health of their smiles for years to come. Read on in today’s blog from Dr. Scott to find out why baby teeth are so important!

Important for Healthy Permanent Teeth

Having healthy baby teeth will help your child grow strong permanent teeth. Baby teeth are much smaller and have thinner enamel than permanent teeth, so they are more vulnerable to bacteria and cavities. Without proper daily dental hygiene, cavities spread quickly in baby teeth. Cavities in baby teeth can develop an infected abscess at the root, causing serious damage to the gums and permanent teeth close by. When you are taking care of your child’s baby teeth, you are really taking care of their permanent teeth as well.

A Key Factor for Overall Health

A healthy smile is not just a key factor for dental health, but for overall health as well. Cavities in baby teeth will obviously impact things such as chewing and talking, but they may also lead to severe infection in the nose, throat, ears, and other areas in the body. To ensure your child’s overall health, it is important to start with their dental hygiene.

Essential for Speech and Facial Development

Growing baby teeth are necessary for proper speech development. Baby teeth, if in the appropriate position, help children to develop correct pronunciation as they learn to speak. The healthy progress of baby teeth is also what helps your child’s facial structure form correctly. Baby teeth guide the way for permanent teeth coming in, so keeping your child’s baby teeth healthy will help ensure proper development into adulthood.

How Can You Care for Your Child’s Teeth?

There are several ways you can maintain your child’s oral health. First and foremost, teach them the importance of regular brushing and flossing every day. Avoiding sugary foods like soda and candy is an excellent way to keep your child’s teeth healthy. Work closely with a trusted pediatric dentist like Dr. Scott, and get regular check-ups to ensure your child’s smile is healthy and bright!

Visit Dr. Scott!

The very best way to keep your child’s teeth healthy is to visit a pediatric dentist like Dr. Scott! Dr. Scott is one of the premier pediatric dentists in the Springfield area. He has been working in the field for many years, and his primary focus is making sure that your child grows up with a healthy and happy smile. So, if you are in search of a pediatric dentist in the Springfield, MO area, contact Parkcrest Dental today and set up an appointment with Dr. Scott.

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