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Traditional Metal Braces in Springfield, MO

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Traditional Metal Braces in Springfield, MO

In the last few years, orthodontic dentistry has evolved. Parkcrest Dental Group offers many different varieties of braces in Springfield, MO. These range from lingual braces to clear aligners to self-ligating braces. We also offer traditional braces. Metal braces have changed with the times. They are sleeker, less bulky and easier to work around. Depending on your needs, traditional metal braces might just be what you’re looking for.

What Are Traditional Metal Braces?

When the average person thinks of braces, they imagine metal braces. Metal braces have steel or titanium brackets with metal wires. Elastic ties or rubber bands fasten the wire to the brackets. Traditional metal braces and lingual braces, though similar, differ only in where they are placed. Metal braces are more visible and are placed on the front side of the teeth, while lingual braces are placed on the inside of the teeth. Traditional braces also differ from ligation braces in their use of elastic instead of special clips.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Metal Braces


Better Choice for Underbites and Overbites

If you are worried about your underbite or overbite, getting traditional metal braces in Springfield, MO, might be the way to go. Overbites are caused by excess thumb sucking or pacifier use. Underbites tend to be hereditary. Traditional metal braces work better than clear aligners to correct both overbites and underbites.

More Efficient

Metal braces are more beneficial for treating overcrowded mouths because they are smaller and stronger than ceramic braces and are more effective in moving teeth than other, less sturdy types of braces. Additionally, orthodontists can control metal braces with more precision.

Although clear aligners are “invisible”, they don’t work as quickly as traditional metal braces and can be taken off, which ultimately slows the process.

More Affordable

Metal braces are small and easily seen, but they tend to cost less than lingual braces, ceramic braces, and clear aligners, which makes them a popular option.

Easier to Clean

Traditional metal braces are easier to clean than the larger brackets of ceramic braces and the hidden brackets of lingual braces


Metal braces, though smaller than ever before, call more attention to your mouth than any other type of braces. Some children like the colors of the brackets, but for adults or older teens, a different type of braces might be a better choice. If you worry about your appearance or fear they are unprofessional, metal braces may not be right for you.

Metal braces also tend to be more uncomfortable than other types of braces. Most patients feel discomfort for a few days after the wire has been placed. The brackets might irritate the inside of your mouth and lips for a short time as well. Many people report soreness in their upper teeth after getting their braces tightened.

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