Pediatric Dentistry: Oral Surgery

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Pediatric Dentistry: Oral Surgery

Oral surgery is probably not something you like to imagine for your child. However, making the decision to move forward with oral surgery now can prevent greater issues down the road.

If you’re looking for a dentist for your child, keep in mind that Parkcrest Dental Group not only provides general dentistry, but pediatric dentistry as well. Our pediatric dentist, Dr. Scott, has the experience and expertise to treat your child and instill good dental hygiene habits, while also creating a positive atmosphere and perspective about the dentist.

Pediatric dentistry at Parkcrest incorporates regular check ups, minor dental work, and sometimes oral surgery. Of course, oral surgery is not something that we recommend lightly. At Parkcrest Dental Group, we try everything possible to save teeth and promote healthy dental hygiene, but in some cases, oral surgery is the best way to maintain a child’s healthy teeth and beautiful smile. There are various reasons your pediatric dentist may suggest oral surgery.

Tooth Extractions

Your pediatric dentist may recommend extractions if there is severe tooth decay or crowding of permanent teeth. Unruly baby teeth can also disrupt the natural process of permanent teeth coming in, so your pediatric dentist may decide to extract a tooth or send to an oral surgeon if it has the potential to disrupt this process or inhibit healthy dental hygiene practices. Removing problematic teeth can prevent the need for orthodontic treatment down the road.

Exposure of Impacted or Non-Erupted Permanent Teeth

Often when there is inadequate room, it becomes necessary to expose a non-erupted or impacted tooth so that it may erupt on its own in a timely manner. For pediatric dentistry, this is most commonly done with orthodontic care, where a bracket is bonded on the surface of the tooth to be attached to braces, and then guide the tooth into its proper location.

Trauma Care

Pediatric dentistry also deals with trauma care. Whether your child still has their primary teeth, a mouth full of permanents, or both, any injury sustained to their teeth or face should be followed up with an examination. If treatment is needed for any affected area, your pediatric dentist here in Springfield, MO will take the necessary precautions to best handle any incurred damage.

Safe and Effective Sedation Dentistry and Anesthesia

Your child’s safety and comfort is priority here at Parkcrest Dental Group. If Dr. Scott recommends treatment, he will discuss all the options you have.

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Pediatric Dentistry at Parkcrest Dental Group

If you find yourself in search of pediatric dentistry in Springfield, MO, contact Parkcrest Dental Group. We will provide a safe, friendly, and comfortable environment for your child to ensure any oral surgery goes smoothly. Contact us today to schedule your appointment or to request additional information about sedation dentistry or pediatric care.

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