What Can You Expect At Your First Pediatric Dentist Visit?

What Can You Expect At Your First Pediatric Dentist Visit?

First Visit – Pediatric Dentistry – Dr. Scott

Pediatric dental health is so important. You should be making regular trips to the pediatric dentist with your little one in order to ensure that their teeth stay healthy. The right time to schedule that first appointment with your pediatric dentist is by age one, or within six months of them getting their first tooth.

So, If you’re a first-time parent headed to the dentist with your child, you may be wondering what you can expect. To help out with those first visits to the pediatric dentist, we’ve written a blog letting you know what to expect and how to prepare.

You’ll Introduce Your Child To The Pediatric Dentist

First appointments are generally brief. It’s an opportunity for you and your child to meet your pediatric dentist. This first time, there won’t be many procedures to perform other than perhaps a light cleaning, so it is a low pressure opportunity for your child to learn about and feel comfortable at the dentist’s office. Make sure to come prepared with any questions you might have for the dentist. This is a great opportunity to learn!

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You’ll be Filling Out Forms

As with any first appointment, you will be filling out lots of forms. This means that you need to come prepared with the proper information. Make sure to compile any pertinent information about your child or your medical insurance before coming into the office. This will help keep things on schedule. Some offices will send you the paperwork beforehand.

Your Child Will Have a Basic Checkup

Your pediatric dentist will cover the basics in this first visit. They will perform a general checkup to make sure that your child’s teeth are healthy and growing in the way that they should be. There won’t be any invasive procedures. The only additional thing that might happen is a light cleaning of your child’s teeth. This first appointment is usually fairly brief.

The Dentist Will Give You Lots of Helpful Information

This is the perfect time to ask your dentist all of the questions you might have. It’s also an opportunity for your pediatric dentist to give you pertinent information about your child’s dental care. You’ll discuss things like cavity prevention, developmental stages, nutrition, teething, etc.

Come See Dr. Scott at Parkcrest Dental

If you’re looking for an excellent pediatric dentist, then set up an appointment with Dr. Scott at Parkcrest Dental. His focus is making sure that you and your child feel comfortable in the dentist’s office. Contact us as Parkcrest dental and set up your appointment today!

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